Dabbing for Dummies – What is a dab?

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Dabbing for dummies – What *is* a dab?

Dabs, Wax, Concentrates, Extracts; So many different names for the same thing! Distillate, Shatter, Isolate or any of the many names we hear on a day to day basis, are all dabs!

Additionally, The main difference between any concentrate or extract is the technique used to prepare that specific type, and the resulting texture from that process. All of these products are technically hashish.


BHO – Butane Hash Oil, the name for any dabs created using Butane as a solvent.

PHO is popular, which is extracted with Propane as opposed to Butane.

C02 Extracts – Made using Carbon Dioxide as the solvent. The device used to extract is cools the C02 to a point called ‘super critical’; the C02 can knock the trichome heads off of their stalks.

Rosin – A solventLESS extraction method which uses heat and pressure to extract the cannabis ‘rosin’.

Shatter – Stable at room temperature and in a solid. Can be broken into chunks.

Pull & Snap – Another name for Shatter, a softer texture that will first pull and then snap.

Wax/Budder – These products are agitated with a tool or spray nozzle to create either a ‘honey comb’ or ‘whipped’ texture.

FSE – Full Spectrum Extracts; This extract includes all of the parts of the plant that confer it’s effects. FSE includes all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and all of the other active ingredients in cannabis. ‘HT’ or ‘HC’ may appended to ‘FSE’, these denote a High Terpene (tastier) or High Cannabinoid (more effect) leaning product.

Distillate – Molecularly distilled from any starting form (flower, hash, crude), this product is very close to being chemically pure. Distillate is designated as THC, CBD or a ratio mix of the two (1:1 , 2:1).

Isolate – The purest product you can end up with, isolate is typically in the 99%-99.9% pure range and is a mostly white powder.

“Live” (Resin/Rosin etc.) – The starting material is freshly harvested and has not been frozen or dried before processing.

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