Dabbing for Dummies – How do we Dab?

Heat Gun Temp Dabs

Now that you know *what* a dab is, here is a quick guide on *how* to administer your dabs!

We use a technique called LOW TEMP DABBING. Essentially, this technique means waiting until your nail is at true vaporization temperature. In our opinion it is the best way to get medical benefit out of your concentrates and extracts.

There are many different methods & techniques to dabbing. Half the fun of dabbing is to find your preferred style!

Like all new activities, you’re not going to be an expert right off the bat, start slow and small, then work yourself up to bigger dabs; you can always do another one, but you can *never* take one back!

1 – select your dab tool and your dab. We suggest starting with a rice grain sized piece to start.

2 – Heat your nail using a torch. We typically heat it until it just starts to glow pink.

3 – let your nail cool! (15-60 sec depending on nail thickness/material) Dropping your dab in before the nail reaches vaporization temperature, results in the cannabinoids and terpenes in your dab being incinerated instead of vaporized. This causes all kinds of gross stuff to be produced (like Benzene & Methacrolein! Ick!)

4 – Drop your dab into the nail!

5 – ‘Carb’ your dab. Although you *could* skip this step, using a carb cap allows your dab to fully ‘brew’ inside the nail. This also changes the pressure inside the nail which allows the liquid to boil off and vaporize at a lower temperature.

6 – Wipe out your nail! There will likely be a small bit of concentrate or carbon that forms inside your nail after dabbing. *Protip – Using some alcohol or a cleaner like DC Glass will help keep your nail fresh for much longer than a dry wipe.

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