Manage Yo’ Munchies

Managing yo' munchies

Keeping your resolutions & your reefer

Managing Yo’ Munchies is hard, Let’s be real, keeping those well intended New Years Resolution’s intact can be a struggle on the best of days. Self-control can take on a whole new meaning when you are a few bong hoots in at the end of a long day. Netflix is primed with the next episode of the show you have been religiously binge watching and out of no where you can’t think of anything but the bag of Ketchup chips that you KNOW are in the pantry. At that moment those well intended resolutions are an afterthought and you may or may not have demolished the entire bag of chips.

But why does your kush bring on the cravings and the hunger?

Cannabis has been show to jumble the signals in your brain so you think you’re hungry instead of full. While many people seek out this hunger inducing side effect, those of us who have made resolutions to eat healthier or get in shape are less than enthused about chowing down on a family sized bag of Ketchup chips.

Although munchies are something we chuckle about, the munchies can lose a bit of their entertainment value when they become a constant post-toke habit that messes with your lifestyle goals.

So, how do we stop them?

Here is a list of tips & tricks our team has used over the years:

  • Eat before toking—Make sure you are eating prior to toking. If you are full before you get high you are way less likely to give into munchie madness.
  • Stay hydrated–Sometimes we can mistake dehydration for hunger. When you feel those munchies creeping drink a glass of water, wait a while, then see if you still want to chow down. Not to mention, staying hydrated after toking is good for you anyway.
  • Stay busy—keep yourself occupied when high whether it be watching your fav show or gaming out. When your mind starts to turn to food distract yourself with the task at hand.
  • Experiment with your strains—The magnitude of your munchies can largely depend on the type of cannabis you are consuming. Try finding a strain that better suits your non-snacking goals, high CBD strains are always a good option to help curtail your cravings.
  • Lock it down—Willpower not your thing? Me neither. Don’t bring the chips in the house in the first place and they can’t call you from the panty. Having to go to the store to get the crap snacks sounds unappealing and those apple slices start looking much tastier.
  • Snack smart—if you are anything like me, I know those munchies are happening regardless. So, prepare for the inevitable and plan out and portion out ahead of time. There are some great (healthy) munchie options that will give you the best of both worlds:
    • Air popped popcorn
    • Yogurt Parfait
    • Hard Candies (personal fav is the (INSERT LINK HERE) they are great for the pasties and give you your munchie fix.
    • Apples & nut butter dip
    • Frozen blueberries

How to stop those munchies in their tracks is something every stoner will battle with at some point. It can take some time to figure out the tricks that work for you but it’s worth it—both your wallet and your waistline will thank you.

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